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New Classic interiordesign for high quality projects

Petra Postmus Interiors is an interiordesign practise for New Classic projects in English or French style, for high standard customers.

She loves to help you create your own beautiful home. Your own castle, wherever you life. High quality and unique projects, from concept to completion. (turn-key service), so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Petra Postmus: queen of timeless decoration, unafraid of colour and a passion for antigues. She and her team work on projects, both residential and commercial, for clients with high standards.  Her inspiration comes from old castles and especially from Palace of Versailles with Palace of Trianon from Queen Marie Antoinette.

Her pleasure is to create a castle for her clients, all infused with a fresh modern sensibility. Petra combines a strong use of colour, pattern and classical detail, with bold contemporary fabric and furniture. The results are stunning interiors and satisfied customers. Her work has been published in different international magazines and seen on Dutch television for RTL4 and KRO.

How could she be of help to you? We would love to help out, and create your own castle. Contact us to get in touch.

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